strip Help wrap children experiencing violence in safety this Christmas

strip Last Christmas, Willow* and her big sister Jade* didn't get to unwrap any presents

Instead, they spent the day hiding in a crawl space, while their father beat their mum nearly to death. They were terrified they'd be next.

Over the festive season, domestic and family violence spikes. The children experiencing it will be terrified and traumatised. The harm the violence causes could destroy their childhoods. Some children may even lose their lives.

Please, will you help children facing violence this Christmas?

Donate now and you can surround children in the personalised, evidenced-based care they need to stay safe and escape the horror of violence forever.


strip Domestic and family violence is about to rise sharply

Christmas is one of the most dangerous times of the year for children living in violent homes.
Which means the rates of harm are about to skyrocket.


1 in 4 Australian children are exposed to domestic and family violence1


Family violence increases by 20% at Christmas time2


Everyday, there are over 1,400 reports of child abuse and neglect3


1. Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse2011, The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children: A Literature Review.  2. NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research - Domestic Violence statistics for NSW.  3. AIHW Child Protection 2020-21.  *Models used and names changed to protect privacy.

strip Give wraparound support to children this Christmas

Donate now and you'll help children experiencing violence in three important ways:


You can help children
escape danger

Your donation can provide confidential advice to mums living in violent homes to help them keep safe, and make a plan to escape safely as soon as possible.


You can help keep
children safe

When children have fled a violent home, your donation can help surround them with care by providing vital services including our crisis accommodation.


You can help
children heal

Without expert support, domestic and family violence can destroy childhoods. Donate now and you can fund trauma-informed therapy including one-on-one counselling.


Will you be a champion for children experiencing violence this Christmas?
Please donate generously.

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