Help show children like Phoebe* that there’s more to life than terror and pain.

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Everything was terrifying for Phoebe. She would just
scream - no words, just scream at the top of her voice.
- Sophie*, Barnardos Caseworker

For seven long years all Phoebe knew was that ‘home’ meant a lonely corner of a dark, filthy room. ‘Dinner’ meant packets of chips and
lollies thrown to her on the floor. ‘Mum and Dad’ meant yelling, fists and boots.

She was completely neglected by her parents in every single way. She had serious health issues, physical injuries from all the punches
and kicks, and was dangerously obese from constantly eating food that didn’t meet her nutritional needs.
She had never learnt to speak properly, let alone read or write.

When she first came into Barnardos' care she was petrified, thinking everyone she met would hurt her too. She’d do anything to protect herself,
lashing out with fists, feet, teeth and nails if anyone came near.

Thankfully we were able to place Phoebe in a safe home with experienced carers, but she still has a long journey ahead. It’s vital that when vulnerable
children come into our care, they receive intensive, tailored support to meet their needs. That’s why your support is so important – your gifts make it
possible for children like Phoebe to get the medical and psychological support they need, so they can start to heal and look forward to their future.

Your gift will make a lasting difference to children like Phoebe who have never known compassion or kindness.

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*Models used and names changed to protect privacy.

The lasting impacts of abuse and neglect

Phoebe’s appalling early experiences could have consequences that impact her long into adulthood.


Research^ shows that children who have lived through abuse or neglect are at higher risk of a wide range of serious health issues including diabetes, stroke and heart disease.

Phoebe is at great risk of developing a mental health issue. Survivors of child abuse and neglect are more likely to suffer from conditions such as depression and schizophrenia^.

Mental illness can in turn lead to a higher risk of suicidal behaviour, eating disorders and obesity, substance abuse, criminal activity and homelessness^.

^Australian Institute of Family Studies, CFCA Resource Sheet Effects of child abuse and neglect for adult survivors, January 2014.


Your generosity will allow children like Phoebe to heal from trauma.

Your gift will help Barnardos provide:

  • A safe place for children to grow
  • Tailored support through ongoing therapy and counselling
  • Urgent medical care and ongoing check-ups
  • Access to early learning and education

Help a child like Phoebe have a brighter future.