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How we transformed the lives of Australian children and their families last year.

With your help we can provide safety and permanency for more children and young people.

Barnardos has provided services for vulnerable children, young people and their families in Australia since 1883 and today is one of the nation’s leading child protection charities.

Our focus is on protecting children from abuse and neglect. And on strengthening families to ensure vulnerable children are kept safe at home. Sadly, the need for our very special services continues to grow. For family support and preservation. For temporary, respite and long-term foster care. For open adoption.

With the support of good people like you, Barnardos Australia can give abused and neglected children a voice…and the support to heal.

Child abuse is never ok

This is an X-ray of  a 2 year old boy’s broken femur. It was brutally inflicted upon him by his mother’s boyfriend as he bashed the toddler on the leg over and over – then threw him against the wall in a fit of rage.

It's hard to think someone could do this to a 2 year old boy.

Max and his 4 year old older sister Layla had been subjected to shocking, ongoing abuse behind closed doors. It wasn't until a doctor intervened, refusing to believe mum’s story that Max had injured himself falling down the stairs that his nightmare began to end. Layla’s black eye and bruised face told its own story.

One child dies from abuse and neglect every two weeks.*

Your kind donation has the power to break the cycle of violence and abuse and give children like Max and Layla a better future.


*AIHW Child Protection Australia 2016/17.  Models used and names changed to protect privacy

"I have no doubt that if the children had not been removed from the home, one or both of them could have been killed."

- Barnardos' Caseworker


Today Max and Layla are thriving. All because people like you didn't turn away.

Barnardos, with the support and generosity of people like you, were able to place Max and Layla in a safe home with a dedicated permanent carer with ongoing counselling and support. And last year, much to the delight of Max and Layla, they were adopted by their loving permanent carers.

Last year Barnardos Australia directly helped 14,049 children, young people and their families through our safety and prevention and permanency programs.

Your support will help Barnardos give abused and neglected children a voice...and the support to heal. Because your gift today will help keep other children like Max and Layla safe from abuse and neglect.