Sponsor an Australian child and become a Barnardos Buddy today!

$40 per month

Your sponsorship will give a vulnerable Australian child the support they so desperately need to heal. You will provide urgent medical care, counselling and access to education.
Sponsor a child


When you sponsor a child, you become a real buddy to a vulnerable child in need.

Being a Barnardos Buddy means you will walk alongside the children we are privileged to support. You will follow their journey as they overcome their trauma and begin to heal. You will follow the progress of a real child who represent the thousands of others in Barnardos care.

It is a rewarding way of helping to give Australian children the chance at a brighter future!

Hannah's Life

For children like 7 year old Hannah, growing up in Australia, neglect is an everyday reality.

Hannah learnt from an early age not to cry because she knew that no one would come to comfort her. She often went hungry, searching the empty cupboards for her next meal. No one was around to feed her. Her parents so consumed by drugs and alcohol, had forgotten about little Hannah.

We know that many parents want to nurture their children effectively, but the trauma in their own lives gets in the way. Australian families are unable to provide food for their children and essential daily items that they so desperately need. Thousands of children are unable to fulfil their potential because vital early years development is missed.

For children like Hannah and the thousands in our care:

  • They are subjected to shocking physical, emotional and sexual abuse behind closed doors.
  • Development is severely delayed as key milestones are missed.
  • Children are left with significant ongoing heath issues due to abuse and neglect they have suffered. 

Your sponsorship can change Hannah's world, and her future, for good.

How your support will change the future for vulnerable Australian children.

Because we work with wider communities facing disadvantage as well as children and families, your sponsorship will have an even greater impact. Depending on where the need is greatest, you will be improving lives by providing:


Therapy and counselling

You will aid children's recovery from trauma by providing vital therapeutic services and counselling. 


Academic support

You will help children fulfil their potential, by giving them access to education. This includes tutors, reading books, toys and new uniforms to help them fit in at school.


Books and toys   

You will provide children with the joy and comfort of toys and books that they can call their own.Something that for many children in our care have never known.


Urgent medical care

You will provide urgent medical care for children whose health has deteriorated due to abuse and neglect. This includes specialist appointments, dental work, nutrition and general ongoing check-ups.

Sponsor a child today

How sponsorship works

When you sponsor a child, it brings much needed hope to a child and the many thousands in our care.

 The care you will help provide, extends to your child’s family and their community and other children in need. This is because we work together with children, young people and families to break the cycle of disadvantage. To help build safe, nurturing and stable homes for vulnerable children in Australia.

Follow your child's progress

As a buddy you will begin a journey with your sponsor child. You will receive regular updates on their progress. We will also keep you up to date with our work that your generosity makes possible.

Be their Buddy!

As your sponsor child's Buddy, you can write a few words of encouragement to them. If you would like to, you can send them a birthday card or even a Christmas message. It means a lot to these children to know that somebody is thinking of them!

Change a life

When you become a Barnardos Buddy you become a real buddy to a child in our care. You will get to see the amazing impact you are making their life and their future.

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Why choose Barnardos?

Barnardos is one of the country’s leading child protection charities and has provided services for vulnerable children and their families in Australia for almost 100 years.

  • Last year alone Barnardos provided care and support for over 15,000 children and families.

  • We delivered more than 170 programs to keep children safe and families strong.

  • Our Children and Family Centres operate in key areas of disadvantage and operate using best practice to keep children safe.

With you by our side, we can keep even more children safe.

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