Become a Barnardos Buddy to a child in need today.


When you become a Barnardos Buddy, you become a real buddy to a vulnerable child in need.

Being a Barnardos Buddy means you will walk alongside the children we are privileged to support. You will follow their journey as they overcome their trauma and begin to heal. You will follow the progress of a real child who represents thousands of others in Barnardos care.

It is a rewarding way of helping to give vulnerable Australian children the chance at a brighter future!.


strip Where your support goes

Urgent medical care and ongoing check ups
Therapy and counselling
Occupational therapy and speech therapy
Academic support and school uniforms
Training and support for our foster carers
Dental work or glasses
Book and toys
Nutritional support
Daily essentials

strip How the Barnardos Buddies program works

When you become a Barnardos Buddy, it brings much needed hope to abused and vulnerable children in our care.

 These are children who the courts have removed from their parents due to severe physical and/or sexual abuse or neglect. Your support will provide a range of specialised services, allowing them to heal from trauma and reach their full potential.

 This holistic approach allows us to work together with children, young people, families and foster parents to break the cycle of disadvantage. To help build safe, nurturing and stable homes for vulnerable children in Australia.

Follow your child's progress

As a Buddy you will begin a journey with your Barnardos child. You will receive regular updates on their progress. We will also keep you up to date with our work that your generosity makes possible.

Be their buddy!

As your Barnardos child’s Buddy, you can write a few words of encouragement to them. If you would like to, you can send them a birthday card or even a Christmas message. It means a lot to these children to know that somebody is thinking of them!

Change a life

When you become a Barnardos Buddy you become a real buddy to a child in our care. You will get to see the amazing impact you are making to their life and their future.



As a Barnardos Buddy, you are a part of our most dedicated group of supporters helping vulnerable children through your ongoing monthly donations.

As a Buddy, you get to follow real-life stories of children in our care so you can see the direct and life-changing impact of your generosity. The stories of the specific children you will read about represent thousands of other children in Barnardos programs, which your generous donations will help support.

When you sign up, you can choose if you would like to follow the real-life journey of a boy or a girl in our care. You will then receive information about this child and regular updates on their progress. However, to protect the children’s privacy, we are not able to share real names or photos. You will also receive communications on the work you’re helping make possible across our many programs including safety and prevention, and wraparound services.

The specific child whose story you are following is representative of the thousands of other vulnerable children in our care. Whilst you will receive updates about one child, your generous monthly donation will go towards helping all children in our care, prioritising where the need is greatest.

We are so grateful for your support, as the children that come to our care often do so with little possessions to call their own. If you would like to send a present, please feel free to mail it to our Head Office and we will distribute it to a child who needs it most. Otherwise, you can also give through our Gifts for Kids program.

With more than 46,000 children unable to live with their parents in Australia*, our work is very important, and we never want to leave a child behind. Due to the trauma of abuse and neglect, the journey to recovery is often complex and can take a long time. Your ongoing monthly donation will enable these vulnerable children to continue accessing vital and life-changing services, ensuring they have the best chance at a brighter future.
*AIHW Child Protection 2020-21

If your circumstances change and you are no longer in a position to donate, please call our Donor Care Team on 1800 061 000 and we’d be happy to help you.

We're always happy to hear from you, so please feel free to call our Donor Care Team on 1800 061 000 or email

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