"I want to live in a house where there's no fighting, no screaming, no hitting. I want to feel safe."

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Your donation today will keep a child safe and provide them with the tailored support they so desperately need to begin to heal.
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Burned. Beaten. Starved.

6-year-old Elliot* only knew fear and violence…

His parents were always screaming and hitting each other in drug-fuelled rages and would turn their anger on Elliot, viciously beating him when he tried to make it stop. He was often left home alone for hours, starved with nothing to eat but mouldy scraps and dog biscuits.

It wasn’t until Elliot started kindergarten that his school began noticing red flags and contacted government child protection authorities. 

What they found shocked them. Elliot’s arm had been broken more than once and he was covered in scars and bruises. He was also hiding an excruciating third-degree burn on his arm, from his dad holding him against a blistering heater.

Elliot was immediately taken into our care and placed with experienced foster carers.

He was incredibly anxious and untrusting of adults, lashing out whenever he felt angry or scared. Elliot craved control over his life and would compulsively clean, wearing his fingernails down until they hurt. This led to a diagnosis of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

When a child like Elliot comes into our care, it’s critical they receive immediate support so they can begin to heal from the devastating effects of trauma.

Will you help give children like Elliot access to vital medical, emotional, and psychological services to keep them safe from the effects of trauma?

*Models used and names changed to protect privacy.

 I remember my horror when it
dawned on me he was used to eating
food covered with mould.

- Gabi*, Barnardos caseworker.

The impacts of abuse and neglect can last a lifetime

Elliot is already struggling with the impacts of the appalling abuse he suffered. It is crucial that he receives the specialised support
he needs today so that his horrifying past won’t destroy his future.

Research shows that family violence and neglect can have a severe and lasting effect on children like Elliot.
Your support now can help prevent some of the long-term effects for their future.


^https://aifs.gov.au/cfca/publications/effects-child-abuse-and-neglect-adult-survivors. ^https://www.facs.nsw.gov.au/domestic-violence/about/effects-of-dv-on-children


Elliot’s house of dreams

Part of the journey to healing for children like Elliot is including them in conversations about their future and how we can empower them to reach their full potential. 

Elliot drew us his “house of dreams” through art therapy, representing how he feels and what he wants for his future. 

What is heartbreaking is that every one of Elliot’s ‘dreams’ is something that every child should be able to take for granted.

How your gift can help make a difference.

It takes far more than a stable, caring home to keep children like Elliot safe. Every child who comes into Barnardos’ care has complex and urgent needs. Your generosity will help give them access to specialised services – not just now, but also in the months and years ahead. This includes:


Medical and dental care


Intensive psychological


play and art therapy


Educational support   


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