Help protect kids like Rosie and Elise* from abuse

strip You can help protect vulnerable children from sexual abuse

Your gift can provide immediate and life-changing care to children in need and help prevent abuse before it happens by supporting vulnerable children through our vital programs.

Here’s some of the ways your donation can make a difference:


could help cover the cost of an
art therapy session for an abused
child like Rosie to help her express
her feelings.


could contribute to urgent trauma therapy with a specialised psychologist, so children like Elise and Rosie can begin to heal.


could help provide guidance and support to foster carers so they
know how to care for a deeply
traumatised child.


strip Reports of child sexual abuse have increased by up to 70% in Australia^

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, reports of child sexual abuse have significantly increased.
With many cases remaining hidden, the true scale of child abuse across our nation is likely to be greater than we know.

Many victims of child sexual abuse often feel a deep sense of shame, as if what happened to them was their fault. And it can take a long time for them to feel safe enough to reveal the truth about their trauma.

Without access to intensive and ongoing professional care, children like Elise and Rosie remain highly vulnerable to abuse and neglect, mental illness, substance abuse and suicide - now and into their adult lives.



*Models used and names changed to protect privacy.
^The Shadow Pandemic: Increase of sexual abuse during lockdown
^^ Australian Institute of Family Studies, CFCA Paper No. 11 The long-term effects of child sexual abuse – January 2013.

strip   Elise and Rosie's story  

When 12-year-old Elise and 10-year-old Rosie came into Barnardos’ care, it was clear they’d suffered from horrific abuse and neglect. Their hair was matted and riddled with nits. Their teeth were rotten. They were always on edge, afraid someone would hit them, and would hide food under their beds.

The girls also lacked physical boundaries and their sexualised behaviour were signs they had been victims of sexual abuse.

Elise recently told her foster carer that they were exposed to pornographic material and were sometimes forced to watch their mother’s sexual activity with strangers. Other times they were sent out of their apartment to wait outside on the street alone.

The sisters are now living safely with their Barnardos carer, but their behaviour continues to raise flags. We’re sure they’ve endured more sexual abuse, but like many victims, they have difficulties trusting and have yet to disclose any other details of their traumatic past.

Kids like Elise and Rosie need urgent and ongoing support to stay safe from harm. You can make sure this happens.


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