Abused children cannot wait. Please help protect vulnerable children from abuse and neglect.

strip Jasmine and Lily’s tragic story

In their short lives, Jasmine* 10 and her seven year old sister, Lily*, have known little of love, comfort or care. They have only known hunger, violence and abuse.

At school, the other kids bullied them for having dirty clothes and dirty hair.

At home, they had no time for homework as they were expected to do all the housework. They would get hit by their stepfather if they didn’t do it to his satisfaction.

But that’s not all he did. He was also sexually harming them – and filming it.

 Nobody who should have been looking after these girls with the love and care they deserve were. But you can. 

We got them out of that abusive environment and into a safe home with a wonderful foster carer. But Jasmine and Lily, and too many children like them, need more help if they are to stand any chance of living a normal life. They need clean clothes, counselling, medical check-ups, a healthy diet, and help to catch up with their schooling.

Abused children cannot wait. Will you be a champion for these children?
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*Stock image. Model used for illustrative purposes and names changed to protect privacy.

stripIn Australia, 1 in 6 girls are physically or sexually assaulted before the age of 15**

The impact of child sexual abuse can last a lifetime. Many survivors are consumed by shame and self-loathing – hidden emotional scars that can put them at very high risk of mental health issues.

Without the right support, it can affect every aspect of their lives - from self-esteem and body image, relationships, education and career. They’re also at higher risk of physical or sexual assault in the future. Child sexual abuse victims are more likely to experience:


40x higher risk
of suicide^




88x risk of
fatal overdose^




**Australian Institute of Health and Welfare - Australia's Children: Children exposed to family violence 2022. ^Australian Institute of Family Studies, CFCA Paper No. 11 The long-term effects of child sexual abuse – January 2013.

strip Your kindness today is crucial to children's safety and recovery

We need your support to continue our life-saving services for abused and neglected children like Jasmine and Lily. 
Together, we can ensure they receive the urgent care they need to start to heal from trauma and have a second chance at a normal childhood.


Academic support and school uniforms


Therapy and counselling


Crisis Accommodation

Please give generously to help protect children from the horrors of sexual abuse, violence and neglect.


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