No child should ever feel invisible. Help children like Lily* to be seen this Christmas.

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Your donation this Christmas will help keep a child safe and provide them with the care and support they need to rebuild their lives.
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Lily* spent her whole life trying to be invisible – to the bullies at school,
and to the stepdad who starved her, beat her, and sexually abused her. It didn’t work.

Last Christmas, Lily* and her older sister Jasmine* had no way to hide. There was nothing they could do to stop their
stepfather from doing appalling things to them. It’s no wonder they wanted to be invisible.

At school, too, they wanted to hide. But they couldn’t escape unwelcome attention.
Dirty and smelly, in tattered, unwashed clothes, they were stripped of all dignity, taunted and laughed at.

Lily and Jasmine were always seen when they wanted to hide – and invisible when all they
wanted was someone to protect them.

When they came into the care of Barnardos, both girls were deeply traumatised. At just 10 years old, Jasmine had
been cutting herself and talking of suicide. She and Lily will need ongoing, intensive therapy and support
to keep them safe in the years ahead.

This Christmas your urgent support is needed to help give children like Lily and Jasmine the
protection and care they desperately need.

Can you help them build trust and confidence to let themselves be seen?

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*Models used and names changed to protect privacy. 

Did you know in Australia, 1 in 6 girls are
physically or sexually assaulted by the age of 16**?

The impact of child sexual abuse can last a lifetime. Many survivors are consumed by shame and self-loathing
– hidden emotional scars that can put them at very high risk of mental health issues.

Without the right support, it can affect every aspect of their lives - from self-esteem and body image, relationships,
education and career. They’re also at higher risk of physical or sexual assault in the future.


**Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Child Protection 2018/19.
^Australian Institute of Family Studies, CFCA Paper No. 11 The long-term effects of child sexual abuse – January 2013.

Your special Christmas donation today will not only help children like
Lily and Jasmine feel safe, but also help them heal from trauma.

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Barnardos provides personalised care to vulnerable children like Lily and Jasmine to help them recover from abuse and neglect.

With your help we can provide:

  Safe accommodation
  Ongoing intensive counselling and art therapy
  Urgent medical care and ongoing check-ups
  Educational support and extra tutoring
  Support services like Homework Club - an after school program that helps children catch up academically and learn to form and navigate friendships with others.

DONATE TODAY so more children like Lily and Jasmine can receive the help they need to never be invisible again and live happy and meaningful lives.