Help provide home-schooling and mental health support to disadvantaged children

The current lockdown is challenging for everyone, but especially for disadvantaged families already doing it tough. And sadly, their kids are suffering the most.

 Many vulnerable children and young people don’t own a computer or have internet access for home-schooling because their families simply can’t afford it. Limited school support, increased stress, and isolation from friends are also placing them at greater risk of disengaging from school or dropping out - trapping them in a cycle of disadvantage.

strip Recent data shows in NSW alone, an average of 40 teenagers were hospitalised every day for self-harm or
suicidal thoughts*
. This statistic is just horrifying.

Your donation today will help provide vital educational and mental health support to children and young people struggling to cope this lockdown.

Together we can empower them to look forward to a brighter future.

*AIHW ‘Suicide and self-harm monitoring 2021'.

strip How your support will make a difference


can provide 1.5 hours of
home-schooling support

A dedicated caseworker like
Ruth^ can offer one-on-one
home-schooling support to a vulnerable child struggling with their education.

Now more than ever, it’s critical that children participate in their learning, so they don’t fall further behind their peers.


can cover a youth mental
wellbeing and safety check-in

Our youth workers like John are staying connected with at-risk young people during this lockdown period. 

With your support they can provide even more wellbeing and safety check-ins to teens who are feeling isolated, alone, or are trapped in abusive situations.


can provide a computer device to a disadvantaged child

All children deserve the right to an education. You can make this possible by providing a vulnerable child with their own tablet for home-schooling. 

Without access to these devices
during lockdown, continuing their education is simply impossible.


^Models used and names changed to protect privacy.

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