Don’t let domestic violence destroy kids’ lives. Help give them the future they deserve.

strip Because every child needs a champion

Our research* shows that Australian children who have experienced domestic and family violence are:


At a 36% greater risk of depression, a 49% greater risk of experiencing anxiety, and an almost 60% greater risk of self-harming behaviours.


Twice as likely to be diagnosed with a substance use disorder.


Almost five times more likely to receive a mental health service by the time they reached 18 years of age (79% versus 16%).


At greatest risk of homelessness due to Domestic and Family Violence.


*Truth is, the abuse never stopped” – Dr R Urquhart & Jennifer Doyle 2022

strip What impact will my donation have?

Our research shows that the exposure to violence in the home, whether it be physical, coercive or emotional, all has a lasting impact on a child and can have damaging effects into adulthood.


But you can help Australian children overcome these effects by donating directly to our domestic violence support programs.


Our range of support services assist children and families with both short and long term needs. From providing the basics for a family that has had to flee in the middle of the night with nothing, through to specialised, long-term therapy to overcome the trauma of domestic violence.


These programs are delivered by highly-trained, compassionate caseworkers who have a unique understanding of the complex nature of the types of trauma that result from domestic violence and how it presents in children and young people. We will never give up on helping these children and young people to recover from their terrible experiences, no matter how long it takes.




Children and young people need your support now

We are calling on our community of children’s champions to ensure all children and young people get this critical support when they need it the most. This will make sure that they have the skills needed to rebuild their lives and have a brighter future.



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