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Gemma was deprived of the chance to experience life as a child should.

Ever since she could remember, Gemma's dad beat her mother. While her older brother tried to defend her mum, Gemma took on the responsibility of hiding her younger siblings. She desperately wanted make sure they weren't hurt, but she wished she could protect her mum.

At the age of 5, brave Gemma called the police, who arrested her dad for domestic violence and drug offences. Her mum had been sick with a mental illness and was unable to continue caring for the family, so Gemma and her siblings were taken into crisis care

With her new foster family, Gemma is free to be a kid again.

Gemma is seven now, and is a kind and considerate young girl. For the first time, she is learning to play and have fun. Her foster family take her horse-riding and she loves swimming.

Gemma tries hard not to parent her little brother now, safe in the knowledge that her foster family love and want the best for them. She sees her other siblings and grandparents regularly, and she's even hoping to get a pet this year.

Caseworker: Linda Wiseham, FAF Shellharbour

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