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All she wanted for Christmas....
was to make it  STOP. 

Charlotte^ was just six years old when her family came to our attention.

She had become increasingly anxious and withdrawn at school and started soiling herself. Noticing these worrying signs, her teachers contacted Family and Community Services in concern for her welfare. It wasn’t until Charlotte and her mother were referred to Barnardos for counselling that the awful truth began to emerge.

Charlotte’s mother had an intellectual disability and was often under the influence of drugs and alcohol. She would leave Charlotte alone in a home that was never safe for a young girl.

When Charlotte turned six, her estranged father, began taking an interest. Charlotte initially enjoyed the new contact with her dad, telling mum she especially loved playing ‘the princess dress-up game’. But things quickly took a very dark turn.

In the months that followed Charlotte was subjected to horrific sexual abuse by her father as well as random men who would frequent the home day and night. Her mother, affected by her own problems, was unable to keep her safe.

The ongoing abuse Charlotte suffered shocked even the most experienced counsellors and medical professionals.

She had been exploited over and over again by these evil predators for their own sick purposes and commercial gain. Ultimately her father and his associates were jailed after being charged with child sexual assault and producing child pornography for a paedophile ring.

Barnardos placed Charlotte with an experienced foster care family and she began her long road to healing.

The disgust and anger you are feeling after reading what happened to Charlotte?

Turn it into something positive! Through the power of your generosity, you can help keep more children like Charlotte safe.

 Give to the Barnardos Christmas Appeal today! 

^Models are used and names changed to protect the privacy of our children. 

 The shocking truth. 

Behind closed doors, some Australian children are being subjected to unspeakable abuse.

Charlotte’s case is extreme, but tragically it is not uncommon. This sad reality is happening in our own backyard.

That’s why we need you to stand with us against child abuse and neglect in Australia.

*AIHW 2019 report – Family, domestic and sexual violence in Australia: continuing the national story.

How your generosity will keep more vulnerable children safe

Your gift will provide the support and tools they need to work through their trauma.


Urgent medical care

You will provide urgent medical care for children whose health has deteriorated due to abuse and neglect. This includes specialist appointments, dental work, nutrition and general ongoing check-ups.

Therapy and counselling

You will aid children's recovery from trauma by providing vital therapeutic services and counselling. 


Academic support

You will help children fulfil their potential, by giving them access to education. This includes tutors, reading books, toys and new uniforms to help them fit in at school.


Books and toys   

You will provide children with the joy and comfort of toys and books that they can call their own.Something that for many children in our care have never known.


Act now to keep a child safe



This year, Charlotte is looking forward to celebrating Christmas with her new family.

After all the trauma and abuse, Charlotte has been placed with an experienced foster care family who surround her with love and protection. She is slowly becoming more confident and this year all she wants for Christmas is something much simpler - a toy microphone.

Thanks to the compassion of people like you, we were able to provide Charlotte with intensive counselling and play therapy. Barnardos will continue to help Charlotte and her foster family on the road to healing, so Charlotte can focus on experiencing life as a normal seven-year-old girl.

With your support, we can continue to be there for many more children like Charlotte who rely on us every day by providing the intensive care they so desperately need.

You have the power to make a lifelong difference to other vulnerable children like Charlotte by giving to the Barnardos Christmas Appeal today.


The difference we make to the lives of vulnerable Australian children.

Barnardos is one of Australia’s leading child protection charities and has provided services for vulnerable children and their families for almost 100 years.

Our focus is on protecting children from abuse and neglect. We strengthen families and communities that are facing issues such as violence, poverty, mental illness and homelessness to ensure these vulnerable children are kept safe. Sadly, the need for our very special services continues to grow. For family support and preservation. For temporary, respite and long-term foster care. For open adoption.

With your help we can continue to keep more children safe through our life-changing services.