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Baby Emma was born with the odds stacked against her.

Six weeks premature, weighing a tiny 1.2kg and with a disability that meant she had to be tube-fed. She was removed from her parents at birth due to concerns for her welfare.

Her mum, who already had two children in care due to domestic violence in a previous relationship, was known to have smoked cannabis during her pregnancy. Emma’s father, a first-time dad, had spent seven years in prison during his younger years

The safety and protection of a child comes first.

Every day in Australia there are 186 substantiated reports of child abuse or neglect.*

Without the support of people like you, Emma could have been another statistic.

Emma was kept safe in temporary foster care while we helped her parents become the best parents they could be to get their little girl back. They learnt how to tube-feed her and attended every court, parenting class and drug test required to prove they could provide and care for their little girl.

Barnardos made their broken little family whole again in time for them to celebrate their first Christmas together.

Emma was one of the lucky ones. Sadly, there are many more children that need urgent support.

A shocking 1 in 32 Australian children received child protection services last year.*

Will you help keep more children like baby Emma safe by donating to our Christmas Appeal?

*AIHW Child Protection Australia 2016/17.  Models used and names changed to protect privacy.

How your support transformed the lives of Australian children and their families last year.