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strip A simply gift card can bring immeasurable joy to a teen

Barnardos Christmas in July is an early call out for gift card donations for vulnerable Aussie young people. 

The teens in our support programs at Barnardos have had to endure things that young people shouldn’t have to go through, from homelessness to struggling with mental health. And being older, they are sadly overlooked during our annual Barnardos Gifts for Kids Appeal.
This is how ‘Christmas in July’ was born.

‘Christmas in July’ is an early Christmas call out for gift cards for the young people in our programs to lift their spirits and show them they matter.

Together with our gift partner Prezee, we’ve made donating quick and easy for you.
A simple gift card can bring immeasurable joy to these deserving young people.

Donate a gift card today to help bring happiness and hope to the lives of these young people.
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strip  Nicole's story  

Nicole, only 17 years old has been grappling with her mental health. 

Receiving a gift card through the Barnardos Gifts for Kids Appeal was a ray of sunshine in Nicole's otherwise challenging life.

Struggling with her mental health, Nicole had been using alcohol and drugs as a coping mechanism, which led to involvement with the police and the risk of going to juvenile prison. The consequences of such a sentence would seriously impact her ability to find a job in the future.

Barnardos frontline staff have been working tirelessly with Nicole, providing intensive support to help her turn her life around. The gift card she received was more than just a present, it was a symbol of her own self-worth and the belief that there was someone out there that cared for her to succeed.

With tears of gratitude in her eyes, Nicole exclaimed, 'Wow, thanks! I can't wait to use this! I don't think I'll get anything from my mum, but now, I can buy myself a mad top and maybe go bowling with my mates after Christmas!' 

The gift card may be a small gesture, but it gave Nicole the added strength and motivation she needed to keep fighting for a brighter future.  

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